Wait On The Lord…I Said Wait On The Lord

Posted: January 8, 2014 in Daily Devotional
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A few months back I received an email from someone stating they don’t understand why God has them waiting so long and have done everything they needed to. So the question was asked to me, “What I should do next?”

With understanding the promises outline in His word I quickly replied with the answer, “Continue to wait.” The way our characters of God are built is base on our patience being exercised. When we feel as if we can’t wait any longer, God steps in and renew our strength.

When you feel I don’t have the strength any longer, Jesus says, “Lean on my strength.” Our greatest test is how we act while waiting on the Lord to answer us. If we received everything that we ask for right away where would our faith stand? Would you have any patience or would you be spoiled to receiving whatever you ask for.

Choose today to wait on the Lord. Its not a punishment you are receiving but a growth in faith that allows you to withstand any storms, obstacles or circumstances that comes your way.

When we wait on the Lord, our request becomes greater and we are blessed even more. Trust in your patience to wait on God to fulfill what He wants to do for you. It will be the best decision you make!

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