Jesus Was The Only One….Only One

Posted: January 7, 2014 in Daily Devotional
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Just thinking back at when I officially turn my life over to Christ and immediately feeling a sense of peace. The time and place when I finally surrendered was significant because I had no choice. I dug myself a deep hole and Jesus was the only one who reached is hands down to pull me out.

I remembered Him saying, “No more, No more, changes is coming.” I didn’t understand what was meant by that, but right after I felt like a new creature. No longer wanting the things of the world. No longer wanting satisfaction from people who rejected me. I was reborn. I was a new creature.

Now I am letting everyone know give Jesus a chance. It’s not something you tryout but once you receive Him, things begin to change. The storm around you doesn’t seem so disastrous anymore. Your financial position becomes more bearable.

That’s what being a new creature is like. It’s not glamorous to the world. But just as the scriptures states, the angels celebrate when you become reborn.

Old things have passed away and ALL things has become new.

  1. I received the forgiven painting you have in this post for my work as a sunday school teacher. It is my absolute favorite! It speaks wonders to me! I had a similar experience when I accepted Christ into my heart. It was like the veil was taken off my eyes and I was seeing it all for the first time!

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