Things Are Tough…But God Never Leaves

Posted: January 6, 2014 in Daily Devotional
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Facing tough issues of life can be depressing and also can bring about ill feelings towards others but most importantly God. Every once in awhile I will get an email from a Christian, saying they are experiencing the roughest part of their lives and can’t understand why God will do such a thing when they are so faithful.

I never hesitate to mentions to these folks that through Christ we are going to experience many sufferings. Sufferings come in patterns, seasons, emotions, behavior, and loss. There is no way to avoid sufferings in this world and especially when you belong to the Kingdom of God.

These suffererings you are experiencing is not to punish you or bring your emotional state down. It is to build your character around faith. Believing and trusting in hard times God will deliver. He never fails.

When we weren’t expecting our sins to be forgiven, God provided a Savior in Jesus Christ. When you felt the lowest in your life, God always seems to bring about a comfort that you may not have noticed. He never fails. God has good thoughts for you and when you realize that then you will start to see things around you begin to change while your faith grows.

It is a hard feat but learn to celebrate in troubles. In everything give thanks is what the word spells out, so show it through your actions and allow God to pour on you a calmness of peace that overcomes all understanding.

He loves you that much.


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