Change Is In Me But It Starts With Prayer

Posted: January 5, 2014 in Daily Devotional
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Change is not something we accept easily. We sometimes have to be forced into changes. Just think about someone staying in a relationship too long. Someone who is stubborn about a decision and finds them self in an uncomfortable position. Changes is not something we adapt to well as beings on earth.

But God tells us through His word to bring our needs, wants, problems to Him in prayer. We are not required to try and create a master plan to bring about change. In every book in the New Testament it talks about changing the course of our lives, being a new creature, or being an ambassador for Christ.

In order for these things to happen we have to pray about it. Give it to God and let Him start the transformation. When we begin to make changes in our lives there is a confusion and sometimes find ourselves being worst of than before.

This is the year of changes. Not of our own efforts but the strength of Christ and transformation by God.


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