Bible Verse Of The Day-Saturday January 4, 2014

Posted: January 4, 2014 in Daily Devotional
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When Peter talked about our faith being tested like fire, he did not mean feeling the physically pain we feel when we get burned, but the emotional pain that rises when we are at our last few steps in a situation and don’t have the strength to move forward. Our legs hurt, feet has blisters. Our flesh is saying no more.

Then something happens. The Holy Spirit steps in and carries us over the finish line and win the victory of faith.

Having to believe in God while things are tearing down around you in a situation is something we all experience, but not all follow through to the end to claim our winnings. We tend to give up. We rely on our own efforts instead of trusting in Jesus’ strength.

I am reminded of this firing faith each and everyday in my daily battles. It’s uncomfortable and brings about a distaste for the dependence on anyone else but God. But would not trade that winning faith feeling for anything.

Maybe you haven’t gotten to that point, or you feel your faith is getting there, but whatever your status is in your winning faith walk, God is telling you today not to give up. Trust in His Son to get you over the finish line.

God did it for you when He gave His only begotten Son up for your sins. And wants you to rely on a Him today to get you to your Victory.

Beloved, make that decision today!


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