Bible Verse Of The Day-Sunday December 29, 2013

Posted: December 29, 2013 in Daily Devotional
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Sometimes, it’s the simplest promises that are the most difficult to accept. For instance, God has promised to provide for the basic needs of His people. Food, shelter, clothing . . . God guarantees to give all of these things to those who seek Him. He’s a Father, and as such it’s in His nature (and well within His means) to see to it that His children have what they need.

And yet, if there’s one aspect of life that keeps Christians awake at night, it’s this one. How are the bills going to get paid? How am I supposed to keep pace with the rising cost of living? Why can’t I ever get ahead? This is the sort of anxiety that Jesus is commanding us to not have.

He tells us that the Gentiles (who were the equivalent of unbelievers) live in constant worries about these things. We have something that the Gentiles don’t have: a relationship with a Heavenly Father who has promised to make our ends meet. So it’s time we started acting like it.

The same God who commands us not to lie, steal, covet, and murder commands us to not worry about where our provision will come from. It is sin to do so because He has promised to meet our needs and cover our lack. By worrying, we’re essentially accusing God of lying to us. But to trust Him on this promise is to declare that He is faithful and true.

  1. ellencinci says:

    Amen. Believing one day at a time for His provision. Wow. Worry is a sin…whatever is not of faith is sin…brings that scripture to mind…glory to God that we have overcome sin! God is our great provider!

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