Bible Verse Of The Day-Thursday December 26, 2013

Posted: December 26, 2013 in Daily Devotional
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God sent His son Jesus Christ at the right season. Right moment. right occasion. Many have speculated on His first coming, but only God knew at the right time to give the nod to Jesus to come and save as many lost souls as possible. And that same existence of Christ being on earth still exists today through the many believers praising His name.

He sent His son “fullness of time speaks of the opportune moment.”(Galatians 4:4-5) It is saying the time was right and the moment was ready, that’s when God gave the go ahead to send Jesus.

Often times when we tell ourselves “this is my year to do that” and “I know this was meant for me now,” God sees something different. Often times we think our season is “NOW.” But God says, “the timing is not right yet”

When you are so eager to get married, a promotion, or even a new job, we tend to think I want it “now, now, or I feel this is my year for whatever,” we try to force God’s hands to make things happen right now. But God sees ahead and if the path is not cleared for you, He will not allow it.

God is all-wise, knows the optimum point. When everything is ready and pieces put together, He will allow things in your life.

Wait on The Lord for the right season. Just keep shouting everyday, “My season is coming!!!” And you will start to see a change for you in the direction God had planned for you before your existence in the world.


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