Bible Verse Of The Day- Christmas Day December 25, 2013

Posted: December 25, 2013 in Daily Devotional
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God gave us an indescribable gift in Jesus Christ. He came to earth on a mission to bring about a change and exposed the others. But most importantly to save lost souls. Jesus had so much compassion for us, that he endured severe pain without anything in return.

We do not owe Him anything. His objective as this wonderful gift to the world was to save us from eternal death that cannot be reversed.

That same indescribable gift endured mocking, questioning and most importantly the cross to give us hope as to what to come. We have never seen this indescribable gift at anytime in this lifetime.

His name and purpose is shaped in the hearts of all new born believers. This indescribable gift is not a religion or a way of life, it’s a testimony of freedom. No longer under the bondage of this cruel world, but having liberty to walk in the right path God set before us.

Jesus Christ, nothing short of amazing to all who believe. Questionable to all who don’t, but continued by those same people base on what exists around them. The indescribable gift did not say it is for a certain type of people . It’s for everyone – all is welcome- no one left behind to the kingdom of God.

So accept this wonderful gift. If you have already. Make a new commitment today to Jesus that you appreciate Him being this indescribable gift- He deserves that much for something we do not deserve.

This is the day we celebrate our wonderful Jesus.


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