Bible Verse Of The Day-Saturday December 21, 2013

Posted: December 21, 2013 in Daily Devotional
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What our greatest obstacles as human beings on earth is deciding which side of the tracks you want to be on. On one side of the track is this glamour life of flashing lights with everyone glorifying each other and worshipping objects and money. The other side, shows life and calmness, joy, peace, love, fellowship. There is no party lights and no object to worship. Does it sound like an easy choice to make or you have to ponder this decision?

Well in my days where I was serving the world (mammon) I would want to be part of the “it” crowd. Worrying about getting all the designer wear to impress people. Flashing around money to show what kind of power I thought I had. Not knowing I was foolish in my ways. The things I cherish deeply all went against the word of God. If God didn’t love me so much to get my attention, I would have been heading down a path of destruction with no chance of a return.

The apostle Paul, when speaking to the Phillipians stated what he thought was gain in the world was a lost for Christ. Beloved, what we fail to realize is when we give all of ourselves to the world: partying, drunkenness, fornication, adultery, etc, we turn our back on Christ completely . Sometimes we do these things intentionally, but most times unintentionally.

The devil uses his cunning ways to manipulate your mind that being in the world and everything in it is the norm and everyone is enjoying themselves. But when you begin to equip yourself with the word of God, you see the direction the world is going and begin to walk the path God has outlined for you.

It’s that time my friend, make the right decision. Are you living for God or the world?


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