Be Quiet…God is Speaking

Posted: December 20, 2013 in Daily Devotional
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God is speaking and calling you out of your residence since birth. Just as how He called Abraham out of His residence, a place of idolatry, political power, and pleasure. But you and I are called to leave the old life with all it’s ambition, rebellion, and worship of wealth, power and pleasure. We are to turn our backs on the dying and condemned society and social system of this world.

God wants us to separate ourselves from our people and our culture. It doesn’t mean we are to shun non-believers and live as hermits. It means we are not to allow surrounding culture to shape our thinking and behavior. When God confronts us with His call, we must turn our backs on the lures and moral traps of our society.

We are to renounce all concern about what others think and be preeminently concerned with what God thinks.

God wants us to stop putting any dependence upon our natural talents and resources. Instead, we must begin to walk in dependence upon God, our Heavenly Father. He can do through us what we cannot do ourselves.

Listen to that voice today. God loves you.


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