Throughout my life I came to realize a few things that never fails. When you trust in a living human being, chances of being disappointed is greater. Sometimes not intentionally, but by our nature here on earth it happens. We are left hurt, and having trust issues that never leaves us, but transfers to the next relationship or friendship.

The most important point, God never fails you when you fully trust Him. When you look back on your life, count how many times God rescued you out of trouble, prevented you from something you desperately wanted, or even remove someone from your life that you felt was the best thing ever, but later found out they would cause more harm to you than a positive presence.

The word of God is a direct mirror that shows all the blemishes, scars, deep wounds we may have in our lives. It being a mirror is not to expose you to condemnation, but to show that trusting in yourself or man leads to these after effects. Mirrors are in place in life to show us the full picture of what we are looking at. When was the last time you look into the mirror of the word of God?

In order to realize we not only fall short everyday of pleasing God on our own, it also brings about an urgency to change things in our lives. But this change is through Christ through the vision of God.

Countless times in the word, it tells us God’s thoughts, vision and desire for us. If we just let go of ourselves and the dependence of man, then that allows God to come in and start to clean and organize things in our lives.

That simple, Let go of man and take the hand of God.


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