Bible Verse Of The Day-Monday December 16, 2013

Posted: December 16, 2013 in Daily Devotional
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When I read the end of the passage (Hab. 2:4) I am reminded of that the just, us, the righteous shall live by the Faith of God that is apart of us. Jesus mentioned to his disciples that all we need is faith as small as a mustard seed, but what is so great about that is, as children of God we aren’t required to have big, great, or strong faith. But allow that little mustard seed of faith to be placed in the presence of the Holy Spirit to grow to the likeness of what Christ wants us to be.

But how do we know He’s in control? Do we simply walk around with blinders on, stepping out in “faith” hoping that God will be there to catch us? Not according to Habakkuk. The person who is declared righteous by faith in Christ has the supernatural ability to be absolutely certain that God will always act the same way that He has. Their hope is found in His written Word. Habakkuk could live by trusting in God because He knew the works of God in the past (Hab. 3:3). He was completely confident in the Lord; so he followed God with opened eyes, not closed.

And so discerning God’s will is not a guessing game, neither is living by faith in Him a walk in the dark. However, both are not a walk in the park. Understanding what God desires and trusting in Him require diligent hard work and constant soul breaking—and no one likes either. Since God has given His word so that we may know how to please Him (Deut. 12:28), the effort it takes to understand it involves a lifetime. That’s hard work! God’s Word also says it has the ability to pierce the heart like a sword, judging aright the intentions of the heart (Heb. 4:12). We all know that when this happens our soul breaks , for then God reveals the deepest evil in our hearts, and this should then break us down.


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