Bible Verse Of The Day-Sunday December 15, 2013

Posted: December 15, 2013 in Daily Devotional


Understanding why we go through trials is hard to digest because of the emotional affect it has towards us while it us going on. Peter spoke about our faith why it has to be tested. He states our faith needs to be tested like fire. We know fire burns, but unlike something burned falling apart, Peter states this feeling will bring about praise, honor and glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I can remember numerous times when I felt I was going through the worst season ever. Nothing was going right. Everything I touched fell apart and it left me feeling very emotional. But it was my faith being tested like fire to bring about genuineness. It is easy to say we have faith but what about when the rough times arise, are you still faithful?

We know faith without works is dead. Now we see faith being tested by fire is non-existent. Nothing. In order for God to use us for His Glory and Kingdom, we need to be tested at all times. Faith is a clear inclination that we are true believers. There are no other criteria, but Faith.

Right now beloved you might be going through a season of burning fire faith, but know that it us for your good and God’s purpose. Your faith will show genuineness and place you in a position to be a testimony to others who experience tough times, who also want to give up.

Hold on. Place your trust in God and let your faith show true to the God you serve.


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