Bible Verse Of The Day-Thursday December 12, 2013

Posted: December 12, 2013 in Daily Devotional
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Are you still shopping? Are you looking for that perfect present, that ideal item, that greatest of gifts?

I don’t think you’re alone in the crowd of consumers. In fact, I’m convinced that many people who are pushing a shopping cart this month are doing a lot more browsing than buying, more pondering than purchasing.

Why? Because everyone is searching for the perfect present that proves practically impossible to find.

When it comes to the perfect present, the ideal item, the greatest of all gifts, it’s none other than God’s Son, Jesus Christ. He is practical and yet enjoyable, sophisticated and yet simple, traditional and yet timeless, uniquely personal and yet universally available to all, and His gift of salvation is priceless beyond all worldly wealth and yet absolutely free.

As people buzz around searching for the perfect present, we ought to pray that God will give us the opportunity to point them to what they’re really looking for. Let’s lead them to Jesus, who is the perfect present and the only one that enjoys an eternal lifetime guarantee.


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