God Can Remove Those Negative Thoughts

Posted: December 7, 2013 in Food For Thought
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I recently received several questions or inquiries in regards to bad thoughts, words, or curses in people’s mind directed at God. I would first like to share my experience. About 2 years ago when I gave my life back to Jesus after years of rebelling from greed, wanting power, etc, I was suddenly attacked in my mind. There were many words or thoughts entering and crossing my mind that were either bad, curse, or as I thought even blaspheming the Holy Spirit. I could not control my thoughts. I tried to say bad things about the devil to counter the bad thoughts of God. I was in fear of blaspheming the Holy Spirit. I thought I was the only one with this problem. In fact, I was ashamed of it. I felt alone and did not know how to ask others for help. But Christ had me in His thoughts.

However, that situation did make me get on my knees to pray and cry out to God. Then right after God spoke to me as I was restless. I clearly remember it. He spoke to me audibly and gave me scripture. He said, “Your redemption draws near!” After He had spoken to me, I had some peace. The bad thoughts or words did not completely stop. I had some good days and some bad days. At that time, I did not know they were demons in my head tormenting me. But Christ saved me

Some time later, God lead me other Christians who had this problem. I was relieved to know it was not an isolated problem. I had come to realize this was a common attack by the enemy. The enemy’s tactic is to make us isolated with our problems. It does not matter what problem but if the devil can make us think we are the only ones with a particular problem, then we may not seek the help we need or ask the questions we need to ask. If we do not seek help or ask questions in fear of shame, then the devil has strengthened his hold on us with pride. We must learn to be humble and bring out all information and be transparent even what we may perceive as shameful. Once we let it out we are making a choice to let it go. We then are in the process of becoming more free through Christ.

I thank God everyday for what I went through, where He has led me, and the place where I am going.


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