Surrendering To God Should Be Easy

Posted: December 6, 2013 in Food For Thought
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There are times when it’s fairly easy to trust in God’s love, to rejoice in his salvation, and to sing because he has been good to us. I think of times in my life when I was overwhelmed by God’s blessings, when I could hardly believe how good my life was.

Yet there are other times, aren’t there? Times when life is hard, when sorrow fills our hearts, when we wonder if God is even there for us. In times of suffering and struggle, can we still trust in God’s love? Can we rejoice? Wan we sing with gladness to him?

Psalm 13 answers these questions in the affirmative. If you only read verse 5-6, you might think that David, the composer of this psalm, was experiencing one of those times of obvious blessing. But, then there’s that word…”But.” It suggests a contrast between the trusting worship of verse 5-6 and the earlier portion of the psalm. Indeed, when we look back, we see that Davis is feeling forgotten by God (13:1). He is struggle with anguish and sorrow every day (13:2). He is seeing his enemies appear to prevail over him and he’s wondering how long this will go on (13:2-4).

But, in the midst of his desperation, David pauses to confess his trust and joy in God. He sings to celebrate God’s goodness. How is this possible? First, David thinks back to times when God has rescued him in the past (13:5). He remembers that God has been good to him (13:6). These memories give David confidence to believe that God will rescue him yet again. Second, David remembers what is true about God, that which is true regardless of David’s current experience. God has revealed himself to be a God of “unfailing love” (13:5). At times, it’s hard for us to understand the ways God expresses his love for us. Yet, the fact of God’s love is bedrock for our faith, indeed, for our very existence. This love, revealed most clearly in the cross of Christ, sustains us, encourages us, enabling us to trust the Lord and even to rejoice in the midst of hard times.


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