Bible Verse Of The Day-Wednesday December 04, 2013

Posted: December 4, 2013 in Bible Verses
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God chooses people who are weak and in themselves know they are nothing, because those people are the ones that have to rely on God to bring whatever they are called to do to pass. Then who gets the glory? God.

Many people have a God-given talent, whether it is intelligence, athletic ability, etc. But most people with these natural abilities are not called to serve God in the area they are gifted in because they tend to rely on their own natural ability instead of relying on God. Then they get the glory, instead of God.

I heard of a guy who had a great voice and used to sing in bars before he was saved. Then he got born again, and was excited because he thought he could now sing for God. He quit singing in bars but God didn’t call him to sing for Him right away. This guy was confused. Years later, after he matured in his walk with the Lord and realized his dependence on God, God called Him to sing. He discovered he wasn’t called earlier because he would have trusted in his own ability, rather than relying on God to work through him.

What has God called you to do that you think you don’t qualify for? Be encouraged! You are a prime candidate to be used by God. If you rely on Him, and not your own natural ability, nothing that God has called you to do will be impossible for you! And the best part? God will get the glory!


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