Fighting Flesh Easier Than You Think

Posted: December 3, 2013 in Daily Devotional
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Think about yourself in a given day. How many times your flesh wanted to do something, act on a behavior, or even worse, say something unkind to someone that might have hurt you in someway? What you will find after counting the countless times in a given day, is that the flesh is all evil and want nothing good for you. But God, through our Savior Jesus Christ can be begin to change those fleshly urges with total submission to his obedience.

I can remember year’s back, when I would make up my mind that I was going to church on an upcoming Sunday, the day of my departure, the flesh would find every excuse not for me to go. Just an example how much the flesh fights against everything holy.

In the book of Philippians, Paul had to learn how to be content with the things in his life. Paul understood that the behavior started with the renewing of his mind. It isn’t an attribute that we are born with. He had to train himself with the promises of God to not give into the wants and needs of the flesh, but to have a renewed mind that He can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens him.

Did Paul say it would be easy? No, but through the transformation of the holy spirit being the dominant force in our born again bodies we can overcome the flesh. The flesh has its place in the world, but Jesus Christ came into the world, conquered the flesh and made a public spectacle on all dominant forces as an example of what we can do if we lean on Him.

Trust in the Lord today, and allow His strength to change your inner being.


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