Bible Verse Of The Day-Tuesday December 03, 2013

Posted: December 3, 2013 in Bible Verses
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Keeping My Eyes on Me Will Not Change Circumstances

Many people believe the more they talk about their problems, the greater the chance it will change for their good. They walk about looking for anyone that will listen in hopes a solution will come about. They begin the day with complaints, despair, and sometimes feelings of depression. When I come across these people I am quickly reminded of the two scriptures.

In the book of Job, it was focused on a righteous man that had everything under the sun to man, and at a blink of an eye, it was all taking away. Things were so bad for Job, that his wife tried her very best to show him to recognize all the problems around him and turn Job away from God.

But through Job’s faith and understanding of God’s promises, he focused on the Lord and his mercies versus complaining about the circumstances around him.

In the third chapter of Collossions, Paul begins by reinforcing to many of us today, to take our eyes off ourselves, and focus on God. Paul says, “Keep our eyes on the Lord and not things of the world.” The world, meaning, our circumstances, the storms, the trouble feelings-the full package delivered by the devil to keep us away from the promises of God. God, meaning, salvation, promises, the love He pours in our hearts to deal with any snares of the devil.

When we begin to follow the actions of Job and take the advice of Paul, we can see a changed life. Once you start to focus on God, circumstances automatically changes.

In everything, we need to give thanks to God and focus on Him and allow the spirit that is given to work for the good in your life.


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