No Circumstances Bigger Than A Mighty God

Posted: December 2, 2013 in Food For Thought
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We all go through our everyday struggles wondering sometimes, “Why Me?” “When is this going to end,” “I am a good person and this shouldn’t be happening to me,” but no matter what we are experiencing or seeing in our lives, there in an advocate in Jesus Christ that reminds us through the word of God, we all have the victory to overcome.

Reach out to someone you might know that is feeling low, going through many problems, questioning their faith and let them know, “God loves them. Jesus is the anchor through the word that can and will raise them up over their situations, enemies and storms in in life.

It starts with knowing, believing and exercising your faith to deal with anything the devil throws your way.

In a season of happiness, the devil will try to bring you down with negatives that surround you. Let him know, “You are speaking but i am not listening.” Say it enough times with authority and remind him who you are in Christ.


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