Look Straight Ahead

Posted: November 27, 2013 in Food For Thought
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We often times find ourselves in tough situations, looking to the left or the right searching for answers when Jesus is telling us to look ahead where the solution lies. They that wait upon The Lord, he shall renew their strength. Decrease much of ourselves and allow Christ to increase, always lead to us going in the right direction.

Trust is not something we exercise for one another naturally. It usually takes sometime to gain or give trust for someone especially if we have been hurt before. In Jesus we have earned the trust already, by Him dying on the cross for our sins in return for saving our soul. We didn’t have to do anything to earn it, but He loved us so much, Jesus trust within Himself we shall turn away from living a sinful life and accept salvation.

Why not trust Jesus to lead you in every part of your life. Life’s struggles cannot be handled on our own, if we try it by ourselves, the bible says we will succumb to the devil. Jesus is the only way to fight and win all life’s battles.

He is telling us to wait on Him. He will give us rest and conqueror all circumstances, battles, powers, principalities and make a public spectacle of them at the same time.

All knowing and All powerful. Look straight ahead at Jesus today and give Him your trust. Give Him your all. The past does not matter anymore, it’s a new beginning, change and life ahead of you.Jesus loves you, look ahead today. He is waiting.


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