Bible Verse Of The Day-Tuesday November 26, 2013

Posted: November 26, 2013 in Daily Devotional
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Are you going through a messy breakup? Have you just had someone walked out of your life you didn’t want to? Is it rough for you to just let go of that person who hurt you? Are you hoping that this person you love dearly come strolling back into your life?

Well beloved, it’s a tough situation to be in no matter who you are. In 1 John, Apostle John talks about letting go of that person who walked out your life. If they we’re truly meant to be with you, they would have stayed. But because they aren’t attached to your future, we should let them go and tell them good riddance.

I can recall seeing a friend go through a tough breakup with her boyfriend, and observing how she did not want to move on in life. She would ponder over the memories for months, stuck in the same gear, hoping desperately he would make his way back into her life.

God knows we go through tough times with relationships and unfortunately not everyone that we are together will stay with us. But through God’s word, we are guaranteed to be comforted and receive a peace like feeling to help deal with any heartaches in life.

Being hurt is not the ideal plan when you get involve with someone, but it happens when we least expect it. Trust in the fact that if this person was meant for you to be with, God would have surely allowed you stay in your life.

Move forward in your life with the comfort of love from God knowing when the time is right, He shall appoint someone that will hold on to you for the rest of your life.


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