Bible Verse Of The Day- Monday November 25, 2013

Posted: November 25, 2013 in Bible Verses
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The Psalmist David mentioned in this verse that The Lord our God daily loads us with benefits of mercy, grace, love, regardless if we asked or even deserve to have them. That’s the everlasting love God has for our lives.

We already knew that God loves us immensely by allowing His only Son to die on the cross. But to be loaded with so many benefits by The Lord, even after receiving an eternal gift already, how great is our God?

I look at my own life and examine how rebellious I was and God cared about me that much to still give these benefits on a daily basis. True unmerited favor without having to give back anything in return.

Once I truly gave myself over to God, things in my life and around started to change drastically. At that point I seriously acknowledge God’s “daily blessings.” I am so honored by His love, it keeps me at an humbling state to want to serve Him daily.

Beloved, remember these benefits are unconditional and we have every right to claim these wonderful gifts because of that wonderful name, Jesus.

We never have to ask or want for anything, our benefits are loaded to us daily.


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