I can think of countless times where I needed God to help me in desperate positions and all I could do is cry out to Him. God never failed me in His promise. His word states repeatedly when we call or cry out to God with a humble heart, He will make His presence known.

Think about those rough times in your life and things somehow just turned around for the good. When you analyze the situation you realize God’s presence was with you all along. Either by feeling His presence, someone God used to comfort you, words from the bible, or receiving news that changed the impossible to the possible, just to name a few. That was God, who shows His presence in more ways than one. God is all knowing and senses your needs before you are even aware of the effect your circumstances would affect you.

When anyone says to me, how do you know there is a God, I quickly tell them I feel His presence. When anyone says how do you know it’s the presence of The Lord. I quickly say, it’s that perfect peace that comforts me when I need it the most. This peace is not like the peace in the world. This a peace of comfort.

As you move forward on life’s journey, be conscious of God’s presence in your life. He made a promise to never leave nor forsake you. God never fails on His promise. Be conscious of His presence today.

  1. ellencinci says:

    His presence is real, and I feel His peace too. Would like to hear what other people think about God’s presence!

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