Bible Verse Of The Day-Sunday November 24, 2013

Posted: November 24, 2013 in Bible Verses
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Have you known a person who automatically forgives you when you do them wrong? How about someone who never gets mad at you no matter how many times you offend them? Well our Mighty God, through His promises tells us we can rest that He will show us mercy no matter what we do and how many times we mess up.

Reading over this scripture, I think back on the many times I would commit the same sin over and over. There were times when I did the same sin knowing it was wrong, but just didn’t care. Looking back, God could have left me astray and focus His attention elsewhere, but God didn’t. He kept His eyes continually on me and for that I am thankful.

Where are you in regards to your walk with God? Are you continually sinning knowing that it’s wrong? Do you believe God gave up on you? Well beloved whatever question that is posed and there are many answers that can be given, but the bottom line is a God shows us His mercy on a daily basis. His promised adamantly says His grace alone is sufficient for us.Know what you have in God that no matter what He has your back. Start to live for The Lord today and allow all he wants to give you to shower over your life.


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