Your Name Is Exalted Jesus

Posted: November 23, 2013 in Food For Thought
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Just laying down and meditating on the word of God, a phrase came to mind about our God Almighty and Savior Jesus Christ. “I Exalt Thee.” I quickly found and tuned in to the song written by Chris Qualia, “I Exalt Thee” and pondered the wonderful mercies I have received over the years. With that I want to acknowledge Jesus Christ today.

Beloved, we need to take the time in each day to stand still and meditate on who we serve and the great things Jesus Christ has done in our lives. It’s easy to get lost in life’s track meet, and when you focus on the world, it leads to a dead end. Focusing on Jesus, leads to eternal pastures that is filled with joy and happiness.

Change up your routine today, spend some tine with God. Meditate on the word or a song of worship. Acknowledge Jesus’ presence and the wonderful things He is doing in your life.

That name deserves to be exalted.

  1. ellencinci says:

    Let’s exalt The Lord together!

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