Oh Lord I Need You

Posted: November 23, 2013 in Food For Thought
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Looking back at what Jesus Christ has done in my life, I can’t help but to stop what I am doing and give Him some praise. Jesus’ work in our lives is a never ending process, something we can’t repay, but an unmerited favor from Lord to help make our lives complete.

I remember the days of just waking up and not acknowledging The Lord. But Jesus would still pull me out of the mess I always got myself in. What He did was unexpected on my part, but that was what true love that was exemplified on His, which is what I strive to live for on a daily basis. Put the needs of others before ours even if we think they don’t deserve it.

That unmerited favor demonstrated by Jesus, has no strings attached to it. Just pure example of love, mercy and a helpful hand from Jesus our Savior. Every morning we should desire to seek Jesus. When you are alone, reach out to Jesus and thank him some for all He has prevented you from and the wonderful blessings that you fall under each day.

We could never do anything to repay this unmerited favor but just seek Him out and get to know Him. That’s what He deserves of us as our Savior. Give Him your time today and release all of you and receive an abundance of Him.


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