He’s Proven Faithful To Us

Posted: November 23, 2013 in Food For Thought
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Every word God has promised holds true. The things we think that are impossible, God has shown how mighty He is and made them possible. Period. God doesn’t have to prove anything to us, but He continues to show how much He loves and desires the best for us.

Think back on all your selfish moments where you did whatever you wanted. Didn’t care who you ran over to get what you desired. Even when the warning signs from God was right in front of your face, you still moved in the direction you wanted. We questioned Him. Fail to believe things at times. But God stayed true to His promise and never wavered.

That’s what everlasting mercy, kindness, love and grace is all about and that is all revealed in the word. God continues to stands by what He has promised over our lives. It’s time to start giving God more of you and less of the world. The bible says, we are strangers and pilgrims on earth. Why do we seek to confound ourselves to what the world has to offer?

It’s time to stand forward as Men and Women of God. Not as men pleasers but God pleasers. If God has proved faithful, it’s time for us to exemplify that same will.

God is merciful in all ways and it’s time we began to show Him our gratitude.


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