It’s God’s Will…Over Your Life

Posted: November 22, 2013 in Food For Thought
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A few months back I was speaking to a young man and he mentioned that God never says “Yes” to anything he asked for. He went on to say I just stop asking because I know what the answer was going to be. I was lead by the Holy Spirit immediately and what I turned around and said open the eyes to that young man and changed things for him right away. God’s “No” is our “Yes.”

Think back when you were so desperate for something to happen or getting a particular item. You prayed about it earnestly and at the end it just never happened. But later on after analyzing the situation, you come to terms that you didn’t need it and something better came along that was not expected. A promotion you wanted at work didn’t work out in your favor, but the person that received it was so overwhelmed with the work, while you still had time for family and time do things you really enjoy. It’s that simple, but that’s how much God loves you.

It might sounds as simple as God not allowing you the money in time to buy something you desire, but later on a need came about where you had the money at that time to take care of it. That’s the God we serve. All knowing and plays an extremely careful father role in our lives.

God wants us to have it all. If He didn’t, God would not have placed His son as a sacrificial lamb for our sins. So the next time you find yourself lusting or desperately wanting something and God doesn’t provide it, that means there is better that The Lord is preparing you for.

When you give God your trust, His answers over your life are always correct. Never leave you astray and always wants the best for you. Glorify His name today.

  1. ellencinci says:

    His timing is perfect and His “No” is, indeed, our “Yes.” Thank you Lord.

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