Let’s Be Full-Time God Seekers

Posted: November 21, 2013 in Food For Thought
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When was the last time you picked up your bible to read besides on Sundays? Are making an effort to draw closer to God? Do you only call out to God in your time of trouble?

These questions posed is not to embarrass anyone, but for everyone to examine themselves as Christians. We say that we love God, but do nothing to get to know Him. When we need help in a time of trouble, the first name we call on is God. Looking for a great reward, but not doing much to diligently seek Him.

I was once in that same position, of expecting a lot from God, but doing little to get to know Him. When I found myself needing to climb out of a pit I was forced to find God. What I realize, was God was always in front of me, as His word says, “He will never leave me nor forsake me.”

Things began to change for me for the good. The way I spoke, saw things, and my obedience to His word began to be noticeable. I became a new person in habits by diligently seeking God and I never looked back.

Now it’s that time. Get of the sidelines. stop following the crowd. Find your answers in the word and let it transform you to bring life to any situation you are in right now. We are ambassadors of Christ and it’s time we begin to act like it.

Let your action lead others to Christ.


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