What Can God Not Cure?

Posted: November 20, 2013 in Food For Thought
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Earlier this morning as I was venturing around the internet I ran into an interesting video of Dodie Osteen, (mother of Pastor Joel Osteen) talking about how God healed her from Cancer in 1981 when the many doctors had no way of treating her. She went on to mention that through meditating on healing scriptures daily her body began to overturn the sickness that had her losing weight tremendously, back to a vibrant woman that is standing right now 32 years later.

Truly amazing what the word of God can do when you trust and believe. At that time there wasn’t the vast amount of medication and technology around like it is today. But to God it doesn’t matter if it was 1953 or 2013, the fact that She believed that she was going to be cured, Dodie Osteen activated the power of healing within our body and her path to healing was set.

Since that time she makes it a point to meditate on those same scriptures daily before starting her day. She call it her “medicine.”

What is your medicine? Are you focused on what the doctors tell you that cannot be done, or a reliable God that has already given the ability to overcome anything just by your faith being activated?

We rely so heavily on what the doctors say and can do, but disregard what the word says you can overcome. If you are facing an impossible health crisis, find your healing in the word today. Start to believe that what God has promised, He is able to perform.

Claim the incurable things today and allow the word to transform your life.

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