Get Out The Boat

Posted: November 19, 2013 in Food For Thought
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When Peter saw Jesus walk on the water, He quickly step forward and asked to meet Jesus where He stood. But when he stepped out and realized he was actually doing the impossible, he started to panic. His flesh took over and allow Peter to start to sink.

Sounds like a familiar story in our lives? We build ourselves up in faith and step out the boat like Peter, then the devil starts to whisper in our ear and just like that we start to sink, wondering what happened.

In the New Testament, Paul talks about keeping our eyes on the prize, keeping our eyes above, and pressing forward not looking back. That is what true faith is all about. The kind of faith that can withstand the winds of life and keep walking.

Jesus wants us to walk out of that boat knowing it will be rocky, shaky or even uncomfortable. There will be no need to panic though. If He called you out, don’t you think He will be there to protect you?

Step out of that boat today. Rest your faith in Jesus’s hands and allow Him to guide you through the tough storm.


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