Bible Vers Of The Day-Tuesday November 19, 2013

Posted: November 19, 2013 in Bible Verses
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Facing a battle in your life? Do you feel like you are at that point where life’s struggles has you at the point of a downfall? Well beloved, God has given us a promise that we can excercise when feeling overwhelmed in the storms.

What does that mean? God through His word told us that no weapons formed by the devil, principalities, or any other power that exist can come against you. It means when we are attacked we ought to proclaim and excercise that, No weapon will prosper against and any words against you shall be condemn. It cannot touch you and it cannot hold you captive.

God wants us to hold on to this saying due to the daily snares of the devil. In 1 Peter 5 it mentions, the devil roams about like a roaring lion looking to whom he may devour. So we know he does not sleep nor does he feel sorry for you when you are at a breaking point. He wants to break you, but He has already been broken.

Today put your promise into action and break the devils traps. Nothing can conqueror, you have the power to overcome and the walk of Victory in your steps already.


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