Jesus Christ Your Best Friend?

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Food For Thought
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It is truly amazing when you analyze your life of good and bad times, setbacks, failures and you quickly realize that Jesus never failed you. When you gave Him everything of you, He never failed. Not once. The bible says Man will fail you when you put your trust in them. Isn’t it amazing how that saying never seems to fail?

What is that telling us today? To put all your trust, decisions and dreams to Jesus and let Him work it out. That is the type of best friend He is. A true savior that not only cleansed all your sins but wants to help you on your life journey.

There is nothing too small or big to take it to Him. Even If you are just trying to decide on making a purchase such as a car or house, take it to Jesus and hear what He has to say. Isn’t that the same approach you take with a best friend or close one? When you need advice you just ask and trust their opinion. Well how about letting Jesus opinion be the only one you rely on. He will definitely keep you from disappointments and setbacks.

Who is your best friend today? If it’s Not Jesus Christ, make that change right now.


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