Bible Verse Of The Day-Monday-November 18, 2013

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Bible Verses
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The Psalmist David talks about by this scripture about God’s future plans to wipe away our sins through His Son Jesus Christ to provide a new, better, and solid covenant ideal to secure us from eternal destruction.

What can be said by this scripture, is God all along had a solution for our evil ways. He knew if we all continued on the path under the old Law, there would be a larger line on the broadway to destruction.

What Jesus did was nailed all our past, future and present sins to the cross. The bible said He made a public spectacle and proclaim Himself as our Savior.

Now when you find yourself sinning and thinking, “there is no way God will forgive me” remember the price has been paid already. God had a master plan already in place, worked on, and now is the outlet to your eternal salvation.

Move forward today and meditate on His word and remember you have been given a free pass which is considered a gift from God.


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