What Door Hasn’t God Opened?

Posted: November 17, 2013 in Food For Thought
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Reflecting on all the success you have partake in your life, do you sometimes wander, “How did I get this job?” “How did I get this house?” “Did this really just happen to me?”

Well Beloved, that unmerited favor is what it was, that allow you to receive things that you never thought possible or deserved. That same unmerited favor is what Jesus Christ showed on the cross. When you didn’t think God would forgive you of every sin you committed, Jesus says, “I have already paid the price.”

Our faith in our Living God and our Savior Jesus Christ breaks down barriers that seems impossible in the flesh. The flesh tells us, “never.” God says, “Let it be.” The faith we exercise determines outcomes, but the Love God extends to us will give us things others find unexplainable.

Celebrate God and our Savior Jesus Christ and allow your faith to continue to grow by spending time in the word and you will be more amazed at the things you can conqueror.


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