Claim Your Promises Today

Posted: November 17, 2013 in Food For Thought
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Trying to solve life’s problems is hard to do by ourselves no matter what you do. We all have our issues that are in front, behind of us and lurking in our faces as the days go by. Do you want to know a secret? Everything you need in order to be blessed, encouraged and overcome the traps of the devil in the world is to get more familiar with the Word and know what you possess.

Read The Bible!

God knew we would need all the tools in order to make it in the world.

Jesus Christ being sacrificed for our sins: Check
Giving us All the Promises we need in life? Check
Now do you know, believe, claim and exercising these Promises?

The only way to get these promises to work is to get into the word, meditate and claim the promises God has given you through His Son Jesus Christ.

Feeling down, depressed, or experiencing a setback? Exercise one of the many promises on trusting God: Philippians 4:13 “I can do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens You.” There are many people who know the verse and has it memorized, but believing and exercising the promise will determine if it will work for you at the time you need it.

Start today on allowing God’s promises to work in your life. Don’t allow the devil to keep you from what is already yours.


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